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Join I.A.C. World Ministry Sunday morning 9:15 EST. 

 Pastor Akers is a pioneer when it comes to internet ministry. He continues to reach several countries and also assisting in the building of churches and schools. To learn more just click the link above.


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We are an international ministry seeking to empower people to live out the truth of God's word within the context of their personal lives.The entire family of I AM CHURCH and I would be glad to have you. Senior Pastor Jeffrey S. Akers

Inner City Gospel has been serving in Ministry since 2003.  It’s visionary, Pastor Jeffrey S. Akers, who serves as director, producer and co-host, leads a dynamic team. The team includes Mr. Chedrick Cohens, the Host and MC who spreads joy and laughter and brings inspiration to Inner City Gospel viewers. His co-host and team member the lovely Ms. Angelia Robinson is no stranger to the gospel music industry. Her talent is known as a gospel artist, MC, and a trial blazer for the Kingdom of God. Along with all the other team members and volunteers, Inner City Gospel takes a new leap of faith and brings you the Inner City Gospel Documentary Series. The new format highlights national and international ministry innovators, kingdom achievers, and visionaries. It spotlights heart felt stories and testimonies that have changed lives, along with the behind the scenes view of how ministries grow, flourish, and make an impact. Inner City Gospel shares just how ministry enhances our communities and our world. It will highlight not just who’s who in the spiritual community, but the how.To learn more visit or contact our inner city gospel offices at 3761 Salem Avenue Suite #1, Dayton, Ohio  45406 or 215 Briar Ridge East.  Williamston, SC 29697

Adjutant Training: Do you have people that serve that are lacking focus and direction?
The remedy for this is Adjutant Training Bootcamp. The Adjutant Training Bootcamp is taught with the theme "The Heart of a Servant". For more information contact Pastor Akers at (937) 558-64651 This service is for Adjutants and Armor Bearers only!

Adjutants Boot Camp is a 24 hour training session to help adjutants better understand how to serve their pastors, churches, and ministries. This leadership program was developed by International Evangelist Pastor Jeffery S. Akers in 2005. The program helps those in servanthood understand their role in servanthood and provides them with the tools, motivation, and teaching to minister with the spirit of excellence. Several pastors, churches, and ministries have graduates of the program in several states. The program comes highly recommended by Pastor Akers' own Pastor Sfgn. Bishop Craig High. For more information call (937) 558-6451.


Pastor  Jeffrey S.Akers 

Is a ordained Elder with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. He has been a faithful member in the Michigan State Council, South Carolina State Council, and is a current member of the Ohio District Council. Pastor Akers also is the Assistant to the Overseer Apostle James Bennett  for the Rhema fellowship Of Churches International. Pastor Akers has worked on the mission field for several years

He currently serves as the Multimedia Director Pentecostal Assemblies of the World International Mission Department  (PAW IMD). As an evangelist he has introduced an evangelism program founded by Elder David Horn called  Harvest Sundays to several churches with success in winning souls for the kingdom.

Vision: How do you bring the vision for your ministry to pass?
Whether you are building a church or building a ministry Pastor Akers brings key essential steps to nurture the vision becoming a reality. He has had a tremendous success rate. Under his tutelage you will learn to maximize your resources, build enthusiasm and make the vision plain. Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible. Your vision shall come to pass!

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