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This short film is full of action and 

has a great script for the new millennium that reaches all types of people, not just Christians.


It has all the right tools to make it a great success. Director Jeff Akers takes his vision to the next level for christian films, and provides an outlet for God's Word in theaters with a new take on filmmaking.



As a film director, Jeff Akers is responsible for overseeing every creative aspect of the video or film from conception to completion. He develops a personalized vision for a film, or project, then along with the client he decides how it should look, what tone it should have, and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience. Film directors are responsible for approving every camera angle, lens effect, lighting, and set design, and occasionally even taking part in the hiring of key crew members. They coordinate the actor’s moves, determine camera angles, and may be involved in the writing, financing, and editing of a film. Jeff's work as a director has placed him in a whole new category of talent and ability. His hard work and vision have been seen across the nation as award winning with the success of projects like the
J -Soul Hey You music video (2011 Gospel Music Award) Deville Mobstaz (2010  South Carolina Music  Award Winner for Best Music Video) and  Inner City Gospel TV Show 2008 North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild Nominee. Akers has also won many other awards from his peers and production organizations and continues to strive for greatness.  He serves as a director for commercial products and also as a technical director for live broadcasting production and programming.


Inner City Gospel has been serving in Ministry since 2003. It’s visionary, Pastor Jeffrey S. Akers, who serves as director, producer and co-host, leads a dynamic team.  The team includes Mr. Chedrick Cohens, the Host and MC who spreads joy and laughter and brings inspiration to Inner City Gospel viewers. His co-host and team member the lovely Ms. Angelia Robinson is no stranger to the gospel music industry.  Her talent is known as a gospel artist, MC, and a trial blazer for the Kingdom of God.  Along with all the other team members and volunteers, Inner City Gospel takes a new leap of faith and brings you the Inner City Gospel Documentary Series. The new format highlights national and international ministry innovators, kingdom achievers, and visionaries. It spotlights heart felt stories and testimonies that have changed lives, along with the behind the scenes view of how ministries grow, flourish, and make an impact. Inner City Gospel shares just how ministry enhances our communities and our world. It will highlight not just who’s who in the spiritual community but the how.

To learn more visit or contact our inner city gospel offices at 3761 Salem Avenue Suite #1, Dayton, Ohio  45406 or 215 Briar Ridge East.  Williamston, SC 29697

Director of videos 

Film and TV
South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Canada, Ohio, R.O.C.


Local Programming


Director/Producer  at N.J.P. Media network


nPowered Network


Freelance Film Director:

Music Videos, Short Films , Documentaries, TV Commercials



Detroit Film Festival 

Black Film Festival

International School Summary:

Writer, Director, Producer

Republic Of China 

Taiwan Taipei

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