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We are privately-owned and operated  resourceful company, we have the capability to make your project complete. With 100 years of combined experience, our innovative team knows how to pair the right technology with your vision. From our directors to our technicians, everyone understands how to give and get the most versatility out of our top quality equipment. No matter the size of your project, our passion for helping customers create unforgettable  experiences is what sets us apart from the rest. Each step is carefully completed to give you the best quality, service and product.


Services Include 

Audio Recording. Voice overs. Sound Tracks. Film Scoring. Live Performance,

Sound technician, Script Writing, 

Video Production

On Location Shooting, Basic Lighting , Video editing, Color Correction, Visual EFX

Story Boarding,Jib operator,

Technical Director , Switcher Operator , Director Producer 

Strategic Network Planning , Digital Evangelism, Web Development

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