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Akers signs on as a partner with EK Media. A  digital network broadcast platform with several channels. Akers is the new partner and brand ambassador for  Rhema Global TV Network and the  Film shorts channels.  Programing is now available on Roku  and will soon be available on all digital platforms 


Akers signs on to work with Dr. Brandon Glover's full feature film Son of a Preacher Man. It is a drama and romance faith-based feature film written & directed by Dr. Brandon M. Glover and produced by O.D.B. Entertainment LLC.

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I have built 100s of slide presentations with a diverse range of purpose

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Training

  • Investor pitch

  • Engineering submittals

  • Product demonstration  and more

Special  $85 per page 

Unique logo animation that you can insert at the beginning of your videos.

  • Logo Production 


Logo Animation Special 2-D $599 

Over 100  sites built ​

  • 6 Unique Pages Website

  • Contact Form

  • 8 Stock Images

  • 5 Banner Designs

  • 1 JQuery Slider Banner

  • 1 hr. free consultation

Special $899

Turn your zoom meetings and events to a full Facebook live production

  • Technical Director 

  • Lower thirds 

  • Video Inserts 

  • Social Media  Ad Flyer 

  • Custom Display Set Up 

  • Video Recording 

Special $1,649 per day 

Jeff has several years of experience doing voiceovers for TV, games, apps, e-learning,  toys manufactures, podcasts, telephony, corporate films and public service, churches, and non-profit organizations to name a few.

Special 0-750 words $199 

Full production includes:

  • 2 -D logo Animation

  • 2 B-Roll  Videos

  • Commercial Free Audio

  • 1 to 10  photos 

  • Voice-over 

  • Script 

  • Editing 

  • Format  MP4 

Does not include a location shoot 


Special  $1,7500

Pre Order Today Only $ 15.00

Network Affiliates 


Network Affiliate 

 Order Today 

Only $15.00 plus shipping 

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2021-2022  Project Information


I AM CHANGED, Bright Minds Animation program is designed to create change in the lives of

several young people. with focus groups that deal with changes that youth in our community are

faced with. The program guides youth to learn and deal with issues in a creative way. Each

participant is part of a team that creates animations, Music, and cartoons. The youth learn production

skills in several different areas. The skills they learn will be useful for a lifetime while creating positive

and moral messages that reach other youth. The finished project will be distributed to several youth

organizations. The program is currently in phase one, with great results.

Our  Network

The  Network is a marketing network that refers to the art of creating interdependent or interconnected groups or systems for the mutual benefit of all members of the media network.

The multimedia network productions are the joint efforts of interconnected companies and the relationships between web masters, photographers, graphic art developers, audio video recording studio owners, film makers, groups, organizations and small businesses. In this, comes a critical responsibility to thoroughly analyze the respective projects, as there are significant opportunities for all participating network affiliates.

The purpose for the  Network is to expand one's client base without extending one's hours for learning and accomplishing new tasks. By utilizing the experiences and knowledge of others within the business network and to work more efficiently in the areas of your own expertise. For example, having people with computer related skills, audio video production, marketing, financial background, legal background, and business can help bring information from each area to the table that each person can share and use to the benefit of their own business. All network affiliates companies are sub contractors to the Network and may function as a sub contractor to any member of the network. No network affiliate member or the network itself can quote invoice or represent any network affiliate company at any time. Unless otherwise specified in writing by affiliate company.


Each member, organization or company of the  Network agrees to provide services for network members at a discounted rate of no less than 10%. All members agree to conduct business with honesty and integrity at all times .The network has an established place within the market place based on the consistency and integrity of it's founder .In the event that you should misrepresent any client and or member of the network .you will be given written notice to cease and desist from all network connections and projects and the right to remain an active network member.

Network Projects

Sharing information, working on a collective project and being involved in a group can help your business reach levels you couldn't alone.

Projects that are contracted by the network or a network affiliate company that use the service from another company within the network will be responsible to meet all financial responsibilities and honor all contracts. The network will not be responsible for the collecting of invoice sales from any company within the network other than its own clients unless otherwise specified from network Affiliate Company in writing.

Each network member understands and agrees that many projects may have multiple network participants in order to achieve the level of excellence and completion for the client's project. Each company that makes a working contribution to the project has the right to the proper credits and acknowledgements, as well as the right to use parts of finished project to promote their own business.

Network Commissions

The standard commission for a sale within the network is 10% to be paid by any member to another member for a sale of other member's services or product.

All exchanges of goods, services or revenue, including all transactions involving contracts, invoices, return receipt of orders, request for proposals, confirmations and payment are considered to be tangible value. Products or services that generate revenue or are expected as part of a service and standard commissions apply.

The Network is a network of companies that are working together to give customers the best quality products and services that are possible with in the selected budget.


Our goal is to not only to provide an open source offering but to surpass commercial offerings in terms of features, functionality and benefits to the user community. The Enterprise Network is fully supported with indemnity and warranty.


We believe in working with you to establish a plan or product that will impact your key objectives.

Close collaboration is the key to a successful business Network we strive for the best so that our customers receive maximum performance from all our network company affiliates.

Business Networking

Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or customers.

The key to true business networking is the establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship, and that's an incredibly rare event at the standard shake-hands-and-exchange-your-business-card events that are touted as business networking "opportunities".

The purpose of business networking is to increase business revenue - one way or another. The thickening of the bottom line can be immediately apparent, as in developing a relationship with a new client, or develop over time, as in learning a new business skill.

The best business networking groups operate as exchanges of business information, ideas, and support. The most important skill for effective business networking is listening; focusing on how you can help the person you are listening to rather than on how he or she can help you is the first step to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

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